Rhythm Kids

Kayla Hughes
The Zoom Room (location map)
Monday, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
07/06/20 - 08/17/20 (7 weeks)


For children from pre-K through second grade, Rhythm Kids® by Music Together® is the music and movement program where children explore rhythm through drumming, singing, and dancing to a combination of Music Together songs specifically adapted for their age and new music inspired from around the world. Classes are led by our trained teachers, and children continue learning outside of class with our proprietary interactive videos.

Rhythm Kids completes the early childhood music development path from birth through age 8, including music pre-literacy. Children learn to drum, sing, move to new rhythms, work in ensembles, conduct, and improvise. Through dynamic music games and activities, they develop skills like recognizing and playing patterns and soloing, they develop timing, coordination, listening skills and self-expression, and they build self-confidence and social abilities.

Upcoming Meetings
08/10/20    11:15 AM Monday 08/10/20 11:15 AM
08/17/20    11:15 AM Monday 08/17/20 11:15 AM